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Special files ...

 Bibliography of Czech Philatelic Bulletins

Interesting Philatelic Societies - Interessante ArGen



Interesting Non-Philatelic Links




Exchange of Czech HOLOGRAM postal cards !!!

I exchange the Czech hologram postal cards for US cards and envelopes - more details you can find HERE .



Czech Postal Administration Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary  

And it introduced a commemorative APOST (registered) label in frame of the celebration. They are used at General Post Office in Prague, Jindrisska St. for domestic and international registered mail.  

We stamp collectors congratulate to the post office and wish successful years to the postal administration. And thank for very smart and conservative stamp policy run by the Czech Postal Administration!


Field Post Section of Union of Czech Philatelists  

Unites stamp collectors of field post covers – both historical and new ones. Section members meet twice a year at conferences accompanied by invitation printed on private postcards. The section publishes a magazine called Polni posty (Field Post) being distributed as enclosure to the Postilion magazine.  


Legionary and Posta ceskoslovenska 1919 Stamps On Covers  

They are not very often to be found thanks to very short validity period of the issues. The really sent covers to be discussed in following articles:  

Legionary Issue 1919    Posta ceskoslovenska 1919


Electronic Pictured Postcards of Czech Postal Administration

Czech post office offered in 2006 a possibility to send an electronic pictured postcard to your friends directly from your cell phone without respect, where you are present. It was drafted a special „postage stamp“ being imprinted on the cards. The distribution of the postcards to be performed by České Budejovice 90 post office (dealing among other with the hybrid mail). More information to be available via .


Was Wallenstein a Postage Stamp Issuer?!

A bit surprise for all stamp collectors. Might be we lost something, and Albrecht of Wallenstein being famous army commander and estate owner of 17th century issued own postage stamps being valid on his large estates ? No, don’t worry, this is not the case! A large historical exhibition on Albrecht was organized in Prague in 2008. It offered various souvenirs containing among others „postage stamps of Frydlant County on cuts with postal cancels. These souvenirs are for sure nice memories to the exhibition, but they don’t have any philatelic value and can not be integrated in your postal collection in any way !


Czech Legionaries in Paris

Were present in years 1914-1919. You can walk through the city following their foot steps on-line

Czech Soldiers – Stamp Collectors

Lived in France and Great Britain also during WWII. This is confirmed not only by many covers surviving until these days, but also existence of  Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain, which was organization founded by Czech and British stamp collectors in 1942.


Coach Mail Delivery Laa/Thaya – Hevlin

An attractive part of the PRAGA 2008 World Stamp Exhibition was a mail delivery between Austrian town of Laa / Thaya and Moravian village Hevlin executed by a historical coach. Both locations serve as  gates between Czech Republic and Austria. In addition, the coach mail service created a bridge  between PRAGA & WIPA 2008 stamp exhibitions. The event was accompanied by a joint-stamp issue of Austrian and Czech Postal Administrations (see the Austrian souvenir sheet on the above cover).



© PRAGA 2008 - All rights reserved ; ® Copyright trade mark

PRAGA 2008

After 10 years new world stamp exhibition PRAGA 2008 to be organized in Prague, Czech Republic, under FIP auspice.

The tradition of PRAGA philatelic exhibitions started in 1938 and PRAGA 1962 exhibition was the first word stamp exhibition in the whole world!

You can find information about this important stamp exhibition at

Don’t miss the unique chance to see the best philatelic exhibits of the world inclusive examples of collection of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II .


Brief history of PRAGA Stamp Exhibitions 1938 – 2008 to be found HERE !



Cancel of special WIPA 2008 post office

WIPA 2008 European Stamp Exhibition

To be scheduled for Sept. 18 – 21, 2008 in Vienna. More information available at



European Football Championship in 2008 was organized together by Austria and Switzerland. Postal administrations of the countries undertook a special postal flight ViennaZurich with a special cancellation shown on the picture. 


New Discovery of Hradcany Gutter Pairs !!!

American collector Mark Wilson discovered new gutter pairs of Hradcany stamps overprinted Porto and bearing a Nachod postal cancel. Mark prepares articles for Czech and American stamp newspapers on this discovery. 


Inauguration of Ledeburg Garden and Trebonsko Souvenir Sheets

Was organized on May 30, 2008 in Ledeburg Garden of Prague. This social event was not just introduction of new souvenir sheets, but also invitation for soon coming PRAGA 2008 world philatelic exhibition scheduled for Sept. 12- 14, 2008. The inauguration ceremony was commemorated by special meter cancels used on Prague 012 (Prague Castle) post office. 



Designer Jan Kaplicky

Demonstrated his capabilities not only in his projects decorating British towns, but also on philatelic material ! His design of Selfridges Department Store in Birmingham (2003) was displayed at a stamp being part of „Modern Architecture“ issue prepared by British Post Office in 2006. Hopefully, Prague gets its own „Chobotnice“ (Octopus) Building – however it is no need to construct it at Letna district !


Postal Minigallery of Prague

Was newly open at Praha 33 post office situated at Jiriho z Podebrad Sq. (Jiriho z Podebrad Metro station). There is a special zone used for temporary exhibitions changed during the year directly in the post office rooms.


New Book on Postal History of WWI

New book on WWI postal history language was published in English. The work deals with situation before war outbreak, creation of war alliances, military operations and events following the war – and not only in Europe, but also in Oversea. The book contains plenty pictures showing philatelic material of that time,  old photographs, or lists of field post offices of some countries. The author paid his attention also to war forgeries of philatelic material, war / revolutionary issues as well as special war stamps (war taxation etc.). The book to be published as CD book in .pdf file. The price of the book is EUR 14,- / GBP  12,- / USD 23,- inclusive postage and packaging.  The book can be obtained directly from the author – please contact  Mr. Lubor Kunc (


Discovery from Early Football Times !!!

Philatelic material relating to the old times of football is not a common item, but I was able to find one very interesting document of that time.  It is a pictured postcard sent on April 28, 1901 from Budapest to a Czech football club Slavia Prague. The sender – a Slavia´s fun – thanks to the players for good match with Southampton club being played four days earlier in Prague. The British team won the match 3:0 , but the football public appreciated not only the revolutionary goalkeeper of Southampton (Mr. Robinson, who developed new way of goalkeeping using jumps against the ball), but also the Slavia players … . Really nice piece of football prehistory !!!



Introduction Ceremony of new souvenir sheet “650th anniversary of Charles Bridge

Philatelic Club of Jilemnice organized a public introduction ceremony of newly issued souvenir sheet celebrating 650th anniversary of construction of Charles Bridge in Prague on June 22, 2007. Among participants we find representatives of Czech Postal Administration, Union of Czech Philatelists as well as journalists and reporters. The main stars of the event were painter Adolf Absolon and engraver Martin Srb, who produced the souvenir sheet.

The celebrating was executed on board of „Adante“ Ship (marine lovers find its web site at ) during a river trip leading through Charles Bridge.

Praha 01 (Kaprova ulice) post office used a special cancel celebrating the ceremony between June 20 and 22, 2007.


Do you collect postal cancels ?

When yes, please read following information:

The oldest commemorative cancel of the world comes from Moravia ! It is special cancel being used in 1848 – 1849 in Kroměříž (Kremsier) during session of Reichstag (Parliament) in the town.

The postal cancels coming from pre-philatelic period were used also after issuance of first postage stamps. Nice example is Litoměřice (Leitmeritz) postal cancel shown on below pictures. First illustration shows letter of 1848 (sent only 2 days after Emperor Franz Joseph I was crowned) bearing , the second one comes from 1852 and it was franked with first emission of Austrian stamps (1850).


                                             Pre-philatelic cancel of 1848                       cancellation of 1852


Czechoslovak field post started its activity on Jan. 1, 1919. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the individual field post offices used their postal cancels for first time. The oldest cancel of Czechoslovak field post is dated Jan. 3, 1919 and comes from FPO no. 46. Might be, you have an older cancel in your collection. When yes, please drop me a line and enclosed a scan of your cover via my e-mail.

Postcard sent via Czechoslovak field post on Jan. 1, 1919 (= first day of its operation), but without any field post cancel




Catalogue of Austro-Hungarian Field Post 1914-18

Montfort Philatelic Club of Austria published excellent work of Mr. Heinz Nagel „Katalog der k.u.k. Feldpostämter und deren Einsatzgebiete mit Truppen und Kriegsereignissen“.

This is really unique handbook listing every field post office with information about period of its existence, its location; military events participated in as well as other data. The FPOs are sorted as per own number and as per commanding military unit.  After using this book on my own collection, I can only recommend it to every Austrian field post collector, it helps you a lot with identification of interesting and unusual covers. 

Web site of book publishers:



Centenary of Brevnov Town 

April 28, 2007 is a day, when we celebrate centenary of awarding the town title to Brevnov village by Emperor Franz Joseph I. Sixth district of Prague, where Brevnov is belonging to, prepared a great celebration of this historical event. Integral part of the celebrations was old-time post office using commemorative cachets.  A lot of happiness for next hundred years, Brevnov !



Men of the London Issue

Last weekend of April was used for opening ceremony starting new exhibition season for Aircraft Museum of Kbely, which has one of the largest exhibitions of airplanes in the whole world. 

Fellow stamp collector, Mr. Karel Cerny, introduced during this celebration his new book „Muzi z londynskeho vydani“ (Men from the London Issue) deals with 8 soldiers dieing on different fronts of WWII for Czechoslovakia (Great Britain, Soviet Union, Northern Africa …) .  Their portraits were pictured in 1945 on Czechoslovak stamps prepared by Czechoslovak Government-In-Exile. The book is available at good book stores as well as at Internet, e.g.


Virtual philatelic exhibition EXPONET 

Exponet is worldwide leading virtual philatelic exhibition containing hundreds of exhibits. The exhibition was changed to a type of company in 2006. More information about the exhibition you find at leading Czech philatelic web site  or .



Other virtual philatelic exhibitions:

QUEZONPEX 3 (Philippines)

Sheryll Ruecker, USA



 Articles on Polish philately and postal history

published in the Syrena Journal of Polish Stamp Club in the Czech and Slovak Republics to be found at

The Syrena Journal is known also in Poland, you find it at



Do you know Mr. Kostrba ?

I am searching for destiny of Mr. Jindrich „Heinrich“ Kostrba born on Oct. 22, 1883 in Kutna Hora (Kuttenberg), who served during WWI in Austrian Infantry Regiment No. 73 (with garrison in Cheb / Eger) and who worked as military pilot since 1915. Is this man the same person with Mr. Jindrich Kostrba, who established a Czechoslovak Air Force in 1918 and who died during an air crash in 1926 ?

Was another military pilot Mr. Kurt Kostrba a relative of the Mr. Jindrich Kostrba?  Kurt Kostrba served in the same time in Austro-Hungarian Air Force and I found a notice about him in journal published by ArGe Feld-und-Zensurpost 1914-1918 ?

If you know an answer to one of these questions, please let me know via my e-mail .  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !


Old photograph showing Austrian naval ships  „Monarch“ a „Budapest

Set of articles on Navies and naval post of chosen countries 

Set of articles published in Czech language at started in 2006.  Both authors are also focused on history of Navies of individual states. The texts published until these days are displayed at following links:   post delivered by stream boats   post delivered by stream boats II   post delivered by ferry-boats   Austrian „K.u.K. Kriegsmarine“   US Navy   German Navy I   German Navy II

The new texts will follow !



Postcard bearing special cancel of UNPA Vienna prepared for Collector Fair  2006

Sběratel / Collector Fair of Prague

Every September is a SBĚRATEL (COLLECTOR) FAIR organized in Prague since 1997. You can find here regularly postal administrations (e.g. UNPA Vienna), but also large quantity of Czech and foreign dealers of stamps, phone cards, minerals and coins. Among regular participants of the event we can count also Union of Czech Philatelist, Czech Numismatic Society, Curiosities Collector’s Club and Czech Postal Administration. 

This fair enables acquisition of interesting material coming from Europe and Oversea for his/her collection to every visitor. 

Information about this Fair is being published at

The Sběratel (Collector) Fair to be organized in 2008 together with PRAGA 2008 world stamp exhibition !



April 2007 is reserved for National Philatelic Exhibition HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ 2007 being organized in Museum of Eastern Bohemia . More information about this event has been downloaded to .



© Euregia Egrensis 2006 Karlovy Vary - All rights reserved ; ® Copyright trade mark

A Czech-German philatelic exhibition Euregia Egrensis „Karlovy Vary 2006“ to be organized in Carlsbad in 2006.

The exhibition web site you can reach at , you find there application form and other documents. 

An integral part of the exhibition is PREMIERA section for new exhibits. 


Eine Tschechisch-Deutsche Briefmarkenausstellung Euregia Egrensis „Karlovy Vary 2006“ findet in Karlsbad im Jahre 2006 statt.

Die Ausstellungswebseite findet man auf ,Sie finden dort auch die Anmeldungsblatt und andere Dokumente.

Die Ausstellung inhaltet auch PREMIERA Teil für die neuen Exponate.



© KF 06-40 2006 Jihlava - All rights reserved ; ® Copyright trade mark

This year a youth stamp collectors exhibition MLADA JIHLAVA 2006 to be organized in Jihlava (Iglau). More information you find at


Football World Championship 2006

On June 7, 2006 Czech national football team flies for World Championship 2006 to Germany. To celebrate the occasion, post office Praha 6 will use commemorative machine cancel showing portrait of Oldrich Nejedly – a Czech football player participating in final match of World Championship 1934.

Philatelic society OLYMPSPORT  (dealing with sport and Olympic Games) prepares special envelopes being transported to Germany together with Czech national football team. 



Salzburg Music Festival

Mr. Salvatore Rizza, American fan of Czech philately, shares with us his excellent article on  history of worldwide famous Salzburg Music Festival accompanied with a lot of nice philatelic material .

The text has been published at and his Internet version you can find at  .



New contribution of Mr. Rizza is his interesting article on one cover of 1943, which enables him deep sight in Slovenian history. This text has been downloaded to .



Húsz éves a MABÉOSZ Szlovak és Cseh  szekciója(1986-2006).                                                                                                                                                                                         

Slovak and Czech Philatelic Section of Hungary celebrates 20th anniversary of its founding. CONGRATULATION !!!



Postal History of W W I

First world war was a real milestone in European history: it destroyed the old world of kings and emperors, it created new states (incl. Czechoslovakia) and caused disputes leading to WWII.  It is very interesting task to illustrate the historical event by philatelic material. You can visit new web site describing the war and accompanying the story and results of the war with philatelic material. 

We are pleased to display your philatelic material, too !

You can reach the web site at .



Two perspectives on WWI postal history 

Interesting web site about postal stationery, cancels, censorship and WWI created by Mr. Stephane Bone you can find at

Non-traditional view of WWI and postal history of Romania we can find at web site of Mr. Grecu Dan Simion



Laurin & Klement Cars Delivered to Monte Negro 

Not very known is fact that Czech Laurin & Klement cars served to Monte Negro Postal Administration in early 1900s. Here you can find interesting article dealing with this topic accompanied with pictures of the car.   



1968: a landmark of Czech history

Philatelic and historical documentation of 1968 in Czechoslovakia you find here



Theft of rare Czechoslovak gutters !!!

Raub der unikalen tschech. Zwischenstege !!!

More information read HERE

Mehr Information finden Sie HIER




Vaclav Havel and Philately

Former Czechoslovak and Czech President in view of philatelic material Click for the text .



 Do you need to check, if a recent years stamp is a legal issue? Try WADP Numbering System WNS database at

Do you need to identify an unknown stamp ?

Try Stamp Identifier !



Information about forgeries of philatelic material to be found at



European Union’s Enlargement

is probably the most important event in Europe after 1945 breaking the division of Europe into American and Soviet zones. The current one expected for May 2004 contains the CEE countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia as well as former Soviet Union countries Estonia, Latvia and Lietuva.

The information about EU, current enlargement (aimed at CZ) as well as philatelic documentation of single EURO currency and Czech accession to EU can be found in the special chapter .




© Brno 2005 - All rights reserved ; ® Copyright trade mark

Brno 2005 Stamp Exhibition

The main philatelic event of 2005 should be International Stamp Exhibition Brno 2005. Information about the action you can find at official web site of the exhibition .  For information about Brno City visit its web site

Picture taken at the exhibition are also placed at 


Philatelic Encyclopedia at


Philatelic Dictionaries

Do you need to find a philatelic word in English, German, French or Dutch language ? Click here and you will find it !

And do you search for a Czech philatelic dictionary ? Feel free to click here and you will reach a Czech - English - German - French - Spain - Hungarian Dictionary .

Do you know about existence of Slovak philatelic dictionary ? Click here and you can see a Slovak - English - German - French - Spain Dictionary .




Internet Philatelic Catalogs On-Line !

Thanks to easy up-dating the Internet become ideal way for publishing of philatelic catalogs. You will be surprised how much of them yet exist.

In the part of our web site you will find many, many of them covering a lot of philatelic countries and/or topics !

Quick searching of Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak stamps

Czechoslovakia 1918-1939         

Protectorate 1939 – 1945           

Czechoslovakia 1945 – 1992     

Czech Republic after 1993         

Slovak Republic after 1993        



Czech Philatelic Journals On - Line !

Filatelie (years 1970-72):

Syrena (magazine on Polish philately):



Philatelic Exhibitions 1881 - 2000

Philatelic exhibitions reflect their times, level of philatelic forwardness and culture of individual country. Let’s go with me look at history of Czechoslovak phil. exhibitions illustrated with entires sent from them and list of exhibitions known to me.




A methodological proposal ...

I would like to open a wide discussion about separation of Austrian stamp / stationery used in Oct. - Dec. 1918 on territories of German provinces in Czechoslovakia (see also WWI chapter) from group of forerunner stamps and creation of new category "Provincial Stamps" .

For full wording of the proposal please click here . For background of the provincial stamps please refer to the following text written by my friend Salvatore Rizza of USA.

You can contact me at e-mail . 



Philately for beginners

This section contains articles (in Czech language only) specially prepared for young or beginning collectors. Your comments  or questions are welcome. 

 Austria Issue of 1908

Austrian Issue of 1916-1919 (I. part)

 Austrian Issue of 1916-1919 (II. part)

Young Collectors in Znojmo Town

 Young Collector Bulletin   



Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain

celebrates 50th anniversary of its re-establishing. One of the events accompanying the celebrations was the week-end congress held in Lees in September 2003.

Information about the congress you can find in following report .



Joint Stamp Issues – New Classification System

 Chairman of International Club of Joint-Stamp Issues Collectors, Mr. Zimmermann of France, prepared new classification system for such philatelic material. Its English wording you can fin HERE.


Divided Czech-Slovak Issues of 1993

 Division of Czechoslovakia has been done in postal operation area, too. One of the divided areas was plan of issues for 1993 and also division of individual stamp sets. Short information about division of individual stamp sets you can fine HERE .


Official website of the Joint Stamp Issue Collectors´Society:



The above stamp is part of US set of stamps issued in 1943 to celebrate occupied Nations during WWII (Scott no. 910)

 First US - Czech joint-stamp issue ?

In 2004 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of death of famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak. We will agree for sure, that this anniversary requests an issue of commemorative stamp.

Because A. Dvorak has close relation to the USA (he worked in New York composing there his work "From the New World"),

it is a goal of group of Czechoslovak stamps collectors from both USA and Czech Republic to help to born first US - Czech joint-stamp issue in 2004 .

Czechoslovakia issued his first joint-stamp issue in 1937 (together with Yugoslavia and Romania) symbolizing the preparedness of all three states to face the Nazi’s threat. This tradition has been renewed by Czech Postal Administration, which issued since 1993 many joint-stamp issues e.g. with Slovakia, Germany, Israel, Croatia, Sweden etc. .

This would be fantastic chance to issue first Czech - US stamp issue honoring Antonin Dvorak. Unfortunately will be not, because Czech as well as American Postal Administrations informed us, that because of lack of time they are not able to prepare issuance of the joint-stamp issue.

I would like to express my thanks to all supporters of our trying, especially to Antonin Dvorak Museum of Prague, Mr. Hercik Jun., International Philatelic Society of Joint Stamp Issues Collectors and webmasters of and .

Thank you for your help !

Lubor Kunc

P.S. : However the above point-stamp issue has not been put through, both Czech Republic and USA celebrated Dvorak´s anniversary by issuing philatelic material: Czech Republic issued a commemorative stamp in May 2004 and Czech countrymen from the USA prepared a special cancel to this occasion :  


  Information about Czech countrymen of Spillville Town and Midwest you can find at . One of their activities is preservation of St. Wenceslas Church, which is the oldest surviving Czech catholic church in America.




Czech Souvenir Sheet „Petr Ginz“

Initiative of famous Czech webmaster Bretislav Janik (owner of website led the Czech Postal Administration in 2005 to issuance of souvenir sheet commemorating a drawing of Petr Ginz (a young boy dieing in Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944). This drawing fascinated first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon so much, that he took it for his space mission . Ilan Ramon died during Columbia space shuttle crash on Feb. 1, 2003. The souvenir sheet symbolically commemorates this personality , too.


“Moon Landscape” Painting by Petr Ginz



Postal Operations Of Future

An interview with author of the website in Czech newspaper Zlinske noviny on future destiny of postage stamps and postal operations you can find here .




Postal Museums from Whole World


Prague Postal Museum (small white building in left direction from the Tower) During The Flood In August 2002 - its service was renewed first in 2003. 

More information about flood find here ...

Museums are points, where stamp collectors can see the rare and interesting philatelic material. It is very interesting to travel to foreign country and to see local philatelic museum, you can easily detect differences in stamp collecting between your home county and the visited one. As example my visit to Hungary in 2002 can be mentioned .

Postal Museum of Budapest - a report on visit    

Stamp Museum of Budapest - a report on visit   

 Visit the worldwide philatelic museums virtually - here are their web sites !




 Czech Olympic Philately

Olympic special cancel used at  Praha 1  post office from Aug. 30.  to Sept. 5., .2004 celebrating the only gold medal winner of Athens Olympic Games of  2004

Since 1968 a philatelic section Olympsport dealing with themes of sport and Olympic Games on philatelic material exists in the Czech Republic.  More information about the section you will find on its web site!

Information about philatelic exhibition Olymphilex 2004 written by J. Petrasek, Czech National Commissioner (in Czech language only).

Philatelic documentation of Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Games – see it (in Czech ) 

  International Stamp Show Plock 2002 organized in Poland and about Czech - Polish competition held in its frame

On the web site you will find auction of philatelic material relating to the Olympic Games.



Detailed information about first Czech automated stamp „Hrad Veveri“ (Veveri Castle) issued in 2000 you can find at excellent website of Mr. Oppolzer



Czech Personalized Stamps Have Been Issued!

More information you find here ...




INFOPHILA Internet Magazine

 You can find Czech philatelic INFOPHILA magazine on the Internet for some  months. It is very successful project promoting Czech Philately. The visitors can find a lot of interesting material like catalogs, plans of issue, young collectors section etc. . This internet magazine is being published in various languages as follows:

Entrance to the INFOPHILA Journal




Good Soldier Svejk in Action !

WWI Chapter

The World War I (WWI) was not only the war deciding about defeat of Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Turkey and Bulgaria, but the war also destroyed monarchies in Central Europe and enabled establishing of new states representing in majority Slavic population of former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

By this way countries like Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia were founded. This chapter tries to search for origins of WWI, describes field post services as well as looks for its results and its impact of creation of Czechoslovakia. Special attention has been paid to philatelic literature to the theme .

Maps of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

Origins of WWI (from 1880 – 1914, in Czech language only)

Documents from Austro-Hungarian Archives On WWI

Documents from Various Archives On WWI

Documents Describing the International Relation 1839 - 1928

Documents Relating to the WWI

Organization of Austro - Hungarian Army 1914 - 1918

Organization of German Army 1914 - 1918

Encyclopedia of British Army 1914 - 1918

WWI in Figures

History of WWI

Encyclopedia of WWI

History of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy During WWI

Photographs illustrating WWI

Western Front 1914-1918

Western Front  1914-1918

Eastern Front 1914-1916

Italian Front 1915-1918

War in the Adriatic Sea 1914 - 1918

Naval Forces During WWI

Navy of main participants of WWI

Austro-Hungarian and German Submarines in WWI

German Submarines In WWI

British Submarines In WWI - 1

British Submarines In WWI - 2

Assault On Austrian "Viribus Unitis" Ship

Aces of Austro-Hungarian Air Force of WWI

Czechoslovak pilots serving in Air Forces of Austro-Hungarian , French and Russian Legion during WWI

Balloon Aces of WWI

Hungarian Opinion On Trianon Peace Treaty (a Treaty signed among Allied and Hungary in 1920) Notice: I personally totally disagree with statements contained in the above document, but I feel it is right to show visitors of the web site opinion of opposite party, too.

Peace Treaties After WWI 1919 - 1920

Austrian Military Post Offices in Bosnia 1878 - 1918

Catalog of Military Stamps of Bosnia 1879 - 1918

British Forgeries of Austro-Hungarian Stamps Produced during WWI

Czechoslovaks, Wars and Field Post Offices 1878 - 1921

WWI, post-war development and Czechs

Austro-Hungarian Field Post 1914 - 1918

List of Austro-Hungarian Field Post Offices 1914-1918

Begin of Austro-Hungarian Field Post in August 1914 I.

Begin of Austro-Hungarian Field Post in August 1914 II.

Catalog of Postage Stamps of Austro-Hungarian Field Post 1915 -1918

Austro-Hungarian Military Censorship of Civil Correspondence during WWI

Index of Articles on Censorship published by Civil Censorship Study Group (UK)

Interesting Entires From WWI

WWI Propaganda Post Cards of All Countries

WWI Propaganda Post Cards of Germany

Post Cards Used by Czechoslovak Legionary Units During WWI

Austro-Hungarian Field Post at the End of WWI (October and November 1918)

German Provinces on Czechoslovak Territory : The German Bohemia

German Provinces on Czechoslovak Territory : The German Southern Moravia

Eastern Silesia 1918 - 1920

Catalog of Austro - Hungarian Navy 1914 - 1918

Catalog of Censorship in the Austro - Hungarian Empire 1914 - 1918

Field Post Section, CZ

Field Post and Censorship Society 1914 - 18, AT

Civil Censorship Study Group, Great Britain

  Forces Postal History Society, Great Britain




10 Heller Hradcany Stamp Used on First Day of Issue of This First Czechoslovak Stamp - Dec. 18, 1918

Hradcany Chapter

Hradcany is name of the first Czechoslovak stamp set issued soon after establishment of the state in December 1918 and being valid in period 1918 - 1921.  The Hradcany stamps have been designed by famous Czech painter Alfons Mucha and have become the Czechoslovak classic stamps.

Excellent web site on Hradčany issue and all Czechoslovak typography issues has been created by Mr. Mark Wilson. You can find it at .

Mark, thank you for excellent work !!!

Typology of the Issue

The Nachod Discovery of Mr. Wilson of 2002

Theft of the Nachod Guttes

Books on Hradcany Stamps in English

The Early Usage of Hradcany Stamps in December 1918

Czechoslovak Typography Issues Section

Typology of the 30 Heller Hradcany Stamp




Big success of a Czech stamp in the world philately


American society COROS consisting of collectors of religion on stamps awarded this year a Czech souvenir sheet "Beuron Art" issued by Czech Postal Administration in 1999 as the worldwide best stamp with religion theme.  Picture of one of the stamps you can see bellow :

The COROS Society was founded in 1943 as thematic philatelic society , which is integral part of World Union of St. Gabriel .  The society regularly publishes a journal "The COROS Chronicle" for its members .

More information about the COROS Society you can find on its web sites .



The Art Gallery On Czech Stamps

Have you visited all galleries with works of Czech / Czechoslovak artists ? Do you own all famous pictures painted by worldwide famous artists ? No ? You can realize both above mentioned dreams in two steps :

  • the step no. I : Click here to visit the web site managed by Mr. Batz of Germany showing all the pictures
  • the step no. II. : Collect all Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak stamps of the set "Art on Stamps" issued regularly every year since 1965 .

Not all dreams it is possible to realize so easily !



Engraver J. Hercik on the Web !

Thanks to care paid J. Hercik´s son we can visit a web site containing a lot of interesting information about the famous Czech engraver and with illustrations of his engraving works .




What Is Lady’s Opinion About Philately ?

Interesting contribution to the theme you can find on web site , where a young lady describes her experience from visiting a Prague stamp bourse. The text exists unfortunately only in Czech language.



Polar Philately

Second expedition of Byrd to Antarctica (In Czech language only)

Mail Transported by U.S. Submarines Via North Pole

Czech Polar Philatelic Section




"Beer Spitfire" - Spitfire F Mk. IX serving in 1944 within 132 wing of RAF for beer transportation for units fighting at Normandy

WWII Chapter

The World War II (WWII) was in first line a war between different ideologies and political systems: democratic (Liberal ideology) and totalitarian (National Socialistic and Communist ideologies).

Its origins were situated in the WWI, but the economic and political situation in the 30s made it different.

Its result was not only beating of group of states, but also division of world between Liberal and Communist countries and Cold War lasting from 1940s to 1980s.

The positive result of the WWII were attempts to create international system based on common values incorporated into United Nations, economic organizations like International Monetary Found or trying to create common European territory resulting with European Union.

WWII Documents

WWII Chronology

WWII Timeline

WWII Fact book

Documents relating to the WWII

Main Stages of WWII

Nazi’s Occupation of Austria 1938 (so called "Anschluss")

Czechoslovak Pavilion at New York World Fair 1939 + 1940

Czechoslovak Government in Exile and Aston Abbotts & Wingrave

Battle of Britain

List of German POW Camps

British Submarines

Submarine Basis in France

German Submarines - 1

German Submarines – 2

Italian Navy

Finnish Navy

WWII Ships

German Air Force

RAF Commands

RAF Veterans

List of Czechoslovak Pilots fighting in Battle of France (WWII)

Victories of Czechoslovak Pilots in Battle of France

List of Czechoslovak Pilots fighting in Battle of Britain (WWII)

Victories of Czechoslovak Pilots in Battle of Britain

Tanks of WWII

Vehicles of WWII

Czechoslovak Field Post 1938

Censorship Systems Working in Czech Lands 1938 - 1945

Index of Articles on Censorship published by Civil Censorship Study Group (UK)

Field Post of German Army During Sudetenland Occupation in October 1938 I

Field Post of German Army During Sudetenland Occupation in October 1938 II

Field Post of German Army During Protectorate Occupation 1939

Field Post of German Army Located on Czech Territory in period 1939 - 45

Field Post of Soviet Red Army in Czechoslovakia 1945

Field Post of Romanian Army in Czechoslovakia 1945

Field Post of U.S. Army in Czechoslovakia 1945 - 1946

Mysterious Coded Telegrams of U.S. Army from Czechoslovakia ?

British Field Post in Czechoslovakia 1945 - 1946

Field Post Section, CZ

Civil Censorship Study Group, Great Britain

  Forces Postal History Society, Great Britain




Postal History of Czech Republic

 The visitors interested in postal history of Czech Republic have to visit the excellent web site prepared by Czech top postal historian Dr. Gebauer.  You will find e.g. lists of APOs from various periods of our history .

Click here to visit the postal history site of dr. Gebauer !

Dr. Gebauer is also an author of detailed catalogue of Czech patriotic cards being produced during WWI by famous Czech painter Vojtech Preissig :




Philatelic Library of Munich On-Line !

Philatelic Department of Municipal Library of Munich (Bavaria, Germany) opened for public database of philatelic literature being in the library.

The system is called WebOPAC and enables searching of individual books as per user’s wish.

We are proud, that our web site was the first one in the Czech Republic being informed about this new project.


Die philatelistische Abteilung der Münchener Stadtbücherei vorberetete für die Öffentlichkeit ein on-line Database der philatelistischen Literatur gesammelt von der Bücherei.

Der neue System heisst WebOPAC und ermöglicht die Suche nach einem Buch nach den Krieterien der individuellen Besucher.

Wir sind stolz, dass unsere Webseite wurde als erstee Stelle in der Tschechischen Republik über das Projekt informiert.

Entrance to WebOPAC




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II. Czech-German philatelic exhibition

More information you can find on exhibition’s web site .

We are pleased, that organization committee approved usage of the exhibition logo on this web site !


 II. Tschechisch - deutsche


Mehr Information können Sie auf der Ausstellungswebseite finden .

Wir sind stolz, dass die Ausstellungskomitee gewährt dieser Webseite das Recht, das Ausstellungszeichen zu zeigen.



Austrian stamp showing coat-of-arm used on the Czech territory on Oct. 28, 1918 - on day, when Czechoslovak Republic was declared

 Austrian Chapter

Not only Walz and Coffee, but also postage stamps are integral part of Austrian picture. The postage stamps are common Czech-Austrian heritage, because the first stamps on Czechoslovak territory were the Austrian ones (1850). Austria was also a country issuing first newspaper stamps in the world (1851) as well as first postal cards (1869).

Information About Austria 1

Information About Austria 2

Map of Austria


Austrian Postal Book - searching of towns in the country

Society for Postal History of Lower Austria

Christmas Mail (Christkindl)

Information About Current Mission of Austrian Army Abroad

Austrian 1908 Issue

Austrian Issue of  1916-1919 ( part I )

Austrian Issue of 1916-1919 ( part II )

Austrian Stamp "Deutschösterreich" Used On Czechoslovak Territory in 1919

Catalog of Austrian Stamps By 1918

Catalog of Lombardo-Venetia By 1865

Austrian Post Offices in Levant, Crete and Liechtenstein

Austrian Post Offices Abroad

Philatelic Documentation of Anschluss 1938

Catalog Of Current Austrian Stamps

Austrian Postal Administration

Czech-German Philatelic Dictionary

Europe Section, CZ




Hungarian newspaper stamp overprinted by Czechoslovak Postal Administration in 1919

Hungarian Chapter

Everybody knows the Hungarian Salami and Paprika, but who is familiar with Hungarian philately? You should remember, that Hungarian stamps were valid on part of Czechoslovak territory in periods 1867 - 1919 and 1938 - 1945, so they are integral part of Czechoslovak philately ... .

Information about Hungary 1

Information about Hungary 2

HUDIR search engine

Hungarian Philately On Line – first Czech website about Hungarian philately

Union of Hungarian Philatelists MABEOSZ

Society for Hungarian Philately, USA

Monographs on Hungarian stamps in English language

Album pages for Hungarian stamps 1871 - 1940

Catalog of Hungarian Stamps 1867 - 1918

Czech - Hungarian Philatelic Dictionary

Rare Stamps and Hungarian First Emission

Interfilaweb - phil. journal in Hungarian language

Europa Section, CZ

Postal Museum of Budapest

Stamp Museum of Budapest



 Czech Chapter




Czechoslovak stamp of 1928 showing the highest mountain of Slovakia called "Vysoke Tatry"  

Slovak Chapter

The Slovaks lived for long years in a common state with Czechs, so the Slovak philately is a natural interest area of Czech philatelists.

Slovak as well as Czech stamps have a lot of common signs like the same printing house or authors and engravers of stamps of both countries.

Information about Slovakia

Slovak Phone Directory

Slovak Postal Administration

"Slovak Gold" Quality Award For Slovak Postal Administration

Christmas Mail

About meaning of "post" term

Postal News

History of Postal Operations on Slovak Territory

Postal Museum of Slovakia

Union of Slovak Philatelists

NITRAFILA 2003 Stamp Exhibition

Description of Philatelic Terms in Slovak

Philatelic Bourses in Slovakia

 Catalog of Slovak Stamps 1939 - 1945

Catalog of Slovak Stamps Issued After 1993

Philatelic web site




Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain and its Monographs On Czechoslovak stamps

Since 1985 The CZECHOSLOVAK PHILATELIC SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN publishes monographs on Czechoslovak postage stamps and postal history.   Information about the phil. society you can find at .





an unusual combination     1  /    2

(in Czech language only)




The First Czech Web Journal "JAPHILA"

The web based journal JAPHILA was published by its editor Mr. Janik (AIJP) first time in 1999 . Thanks to it the one is the first stamp web journal not only in the Czech Republic, but also in whole Eastern Europe.

You can find articles on various themes, review of philatelic books, links to another philatelic sites etc. . The journal is daily up-dated, so you can find every time a new information in it.

To enable its reading for every visitor, it is published in Czech, English, French and German languages.

Have you visited the JAPHILA journal ? You can do it by clicking the button .





 Czechoslovak Philately in Scandinavia

Philatelic Web Site of Mr. Hoffmann of Sweden

containing e.g.

Owners and Stamp Dealers Marks

C.V. of Czech/Slovak and Foreign Experts of Czechoslovak Stamps

Converter of Czechoslovak Stamps in Scott, Michel and POFIS Catalogs

Article on various sizes of Czechoslovak souv. sheets "Kde domov muj"

Czech - Swedish Mixed Franking 1938

Topical Philatelic Web Site On Prague from Denmark

Finnish Web Site of Mr.Korhonen

Danish Society of Czechoslovak Stamps Collectors, DK

Scandinavian Countries Philatelic Section, CZ

Pri-Baltica Group, CZ




Mosaic of interesting philatelic sites

Filatelia de Europa Oriental 1850 - 1945

Catalog Of Philatelic Material Relating To Internet

Czechsum - web site on Czechoslovak philately

Interesting Postal History Web Site in English

Philatelic Ads and Want Lists

History of post office Roznov p. Radhostem





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